Ross Calvin

Ross Calvin

Founder & CEO

Ross is a hedge fund entrepreneur and trader with experience in frontier markets. He has a
passion for energy markets and monetary dynamics. Through his work on market convexity, he
became an advocate for the power of blockchain technology to facilitate monetary reform in
early 2012. Ross leads the product conception and team organization.

Ross has earned deep experience in commodities and currency trading. For five
years he was a private trader in currencies and commodities, with lifetime performance
upwards of 13x. He purchased his first cryptocurrency in the spring of 2012.

The trading methodology was the outgrowth of an Austrian-Economics-based event-
driven hedge fund strategy focusing on frontier market equity, options, commodity and
currency trading.  Ross developed this strategy beginning with a two-year relocation to
East Asia to gain expertise in frontier and emerging market cross-asset investments
implemented using credit and FX derivatives, FX and equities. The strategy paired the
intensive local/bottom up research within a macro framework and capital domicile
diversification. This pioneered the leveraging of the Austrian intellectual framework as
applied to investment theory, and achieved upwards of 90% returns over the three years
ended May 2015, while maintaining consistent long convexity/volatility positions.

Until 2010, he was responsible for analysis and due diligence on alternative
investment managers for a $1.5B fund of hedge funds at Santa Fe Advisors in Santa Fe,
NM.  His focus here centered on portfolio management strategy and alternative asset
internal operations.

He began his career as an equities analyst at hedge fund Bass River Capital in
Denver, CO where his primary focus was to identify and research significant long/short
equity opportunities, define specific catalysts associated with such opportunities and
closely monitor positions. Bass River employed rigorous valuation analysis with a focus on
balance sheet dynamics, enterprise value, and current business momentum and included
both developed and emerging markets.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Finance and minor in Mandarin from
Southern Methodist University where he graduated in 2005. He lives to adventure, plays
the piano and bass and is a long-time practitioner of Muay Thai.

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