James Blake

James Blake

VP of Strategy & In-House Counsel

James founded the Blake Law Firm in 2010 and has advised dozens of founders, companies
and investors in capital formation, strategic partnerships, organizational and operational
strategy. He has focused on risk management, acquisitions and dispositions of assets,
expansion and exit strategy, intellectual property, licensing and contracts.

He has served as an advisory board member to Adventure Services International, a US
and Africa-focused oilfield chemicals and logistics firm, and to Whitetail Reproductive
Technologies, an Africa-focused genetic technology services firm.

Prior to Blake Law, James was responsible for risk exposure analysis, fund management
agreements, bond issues and interbank lending agreements at Rajah & Tann, LLP in

James is the author of numerous legal publications, and is a Juris Doctor from the
University of Hawaii. He is a graduate Magna Cum Laude of Austin College.

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