PetroChain leads the decentralized revolution in oil and gas.


PetroChain leads the decentralized revolution in oil and gas.

PetroChain is a blockchain-based capital market, asset and transaction authentication ecosystem for oil and gas development.


A rennaissance in energy development

PetroChain is a renaissance in oil and gas; establishing a duty-free architecture for energy capital formation and field work which brings investors, operators, and vendors closer than ever before. Until now, no scalable mechanism has existed to bridge hundreds of millions of investors from around the world and across political boundaries, and direct capital resources into the oilfield. PetroChain optimizes your counterparty relationships to establish more trust, improve competitiveness, compliance and business development, lower your cost of capital, improve returns, and reduce wait times, leverage and risk.




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Letting the air out

Major oil and gas firms possess over $800B in excess market capitalization for the management their own siloed portfolios. This has lead to large, brittle, wasteful institutions, all while driving the true engines of energy production growth to the fringes of the industry.

PetroChain extends the tools of the majors to a globally-decentralized platform for energy producers to be competitive and authenticated up and down the value chain, without sacrificing nimbleness and the ability to drive value creation with lower risks.


To the edge of the knowledge frontier

PetroChain is the leader of the decentralized revolution in oil and gas development. It empowers users to share information, cooperate, and shift the locus of discretion to the knowledge frontier. Today, an elite few centrally plan oil production and drive all development decision making.  Yet large groups of people are better at solving problems and fostering innovation.

PetroChain is the self-organizing ecosystem which restores integrity to hydrocarbon production by liberating the wisdom scattered throughout the crowd of energy decision makers, but which no one actor possesses. It is the unifying intermediary which brings cohesion to the opaque and often fragmented oil and gas business, while maintaining the decentralized resilience.


Discipline and rigor

PetroChain allows investors liquidity and coinholders best-in-class investment selection anchored to actual value-chain activity.  The PetroChain ecosystem closes the investment discipline gap through rewarding high-quality project selection while exposing investors to the most rigorously organized hydrocarbon projects at the ground level.  By disintermediating in-field and investment transactions, PetroChain’s asset portfolio offers both higher returns on equity for investors and lower capital costs for producers while enabling more nimble and scalable development programs for operators. PetroChain has the capacity to exclude bad actors which plague energy investing, and investors can come into the PetroChain ecosystem with a sense of safety while operators can fund developments quickly, at lower costs, eliminating broker dealers and expensive capital allocators.


The first unified, blockchain-based energy ecosystem

PetroChain is the first unified, blockchain-based energy ecosystem that combines supply chain securitization with human and financial capital. Historically, monetary value is derived from the external ecosystems within which a currency is transmitted: banks, credit cards, SWIFT, Western Union, bond markets.

Distributed ledger technology compresses these institutions down into the actual money itself.  Institutions which once were required to house vital metadata and act as monetary thoroughfares can now exist entirely within discreet digital tokens. PetroChain disintermediates these central firms and automates enforcement of key funding, supply chain and transaction activities.

We combine payment and credentialing institutions necessary for oilfield value chain execution with a decentralized investment governance architecture, and condense them into a single, tradable liquid token. PetroChain is backed by the value of its immutable user track records, payment clearing mechanisms, capital formation tools, and by raw energy assets.


Combining the world’s two greatest opportunities

Today, five US states produce 83% of the nation’s hydrocarbons – 50% is produced in Texas. Independent operators drive the bulk of the growth from between 1,800 and 2,200 drilling projects a year for ~$11B. PetroChain believes faster capital formation, stronger legal assurance, transparency and compliance will result in an additional 400 projects developed each year.


Radically low friction

Traditionally, every oil and gas transaction feeds dozens of mouths not involved in the risk taking or the grit-driven work of producing hydrocarbons.  Stakeholders have long sought the world’s first truly fare-free energy payments, data, and finance ecosystem. PetroChain allows funds to be disbursed and work to be verified at the same instant, with a modernized, transparent and duty-free architecture, even while extending a flexible cash management tool to operators.


Unparalleled integration and unification

PetroChain allows an industry of untrusting parties to share one and only one copy of asset and transaction data and trust that it is valid. Faulty title opinions, fraud and negligence can cost stakeholders years in court, legal costs, lost revenues, and damage to reputation. Oil and gas transactions are prone to latency and friction which allows parties to skim value undeservedly and even undetectably, stifling project capital formation, slowing vendor payments and royalty disbursement and accuracy. PetroChain provides unparalleled integration and unification which competitive industry leaders cannot afford to ignore.


An entirely new kind of architecture

PetroChain fundamentally reorganizes the way oil and gas information managed and stored. By reorienting critical decision-making, performance and transaction data into a single immutable ledger format, PetroChain allows an industry of un-trusting parties to share one and only one copy of asset and transaction data and trust that it is valid. PetroChain’s technology provides investors and operators with a unified ledger for sharing business logic and market data to replace manual back office processes.  By combining the courthouse records room with real-time updated performance and transaction logs, PetroChain serves stakeholders with an asset/in-field work provenance mechanism which anchors our capital funding mechanism. Legacy systems for asset valuation, transparency, returns, and risk information are not only centralized, but also fundamentally fragmented and ad-hoc.  PetroChain is not simply an API into a courthouse record room, PetroChain is the record room, updated dynamically in real time.  Not just a warehouse, it is an entirely new kind of architecture.


Ross Calvin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Doug Turner

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Carlo Limchuatuan

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Vikas Mundada

Technology Operations Lead

Steven Wasserman

Capital Markets Advisor

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Strategic Energy Advisor



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